County Approves Hopewell Church Development

On Tuesday, the County Commissioners voted to approve the Hopewell Baptist Church building application after a lengthy 2 year mediation. This item was not on the county agenda for the day and surprised many residents. The agreement allows Hopewell Baptist church to build nearly 149,000 square feet of buildings on the 33 acre site off of Roberts Road.

Please see:

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St. Johns Town Hall Meetings

I hope you will attend one of the upcoming Town Hall meetings, which begin tomorrow and will be held throughout June in all parts of St. Johns County. This is the third year of Administrator Town Hall Meetings, and I will be giving a presentation on the County's financial condition and present my recommendations for the 2012 budget. Then there will be a time for citizen comments and questions.

The community dialogue generated during the past two years has been extremely valuable in formulating the budget that I, along with the Office of Management and Budget, recommend to the County Commission each July. I am requesting the community once again to participate in the budget process.

Following significant budget cuts each of the past four years, more reductions are anticipated for 2012, largely due to the continuing decline of property values. County Administration anticipates recommending an increase in the millage rate to re-capture some of the lost revenues in an effort to maintain most of the programs and services for which the community has expressed support in the past.

These are decisions that deserve and require community input. As budget cuts are becoming more and more significant, and the correlating reductions in programs and services are impacting more and more people, it is critical the public be involved in making the budget decisions that are best for our community.

These meetings are an opportunity for me to promote understanding and for you to communicate your desires regarding the preferred balance of services and expenditures. Get full information and submit feedback at


Community Meeting on Disaster Preparedness

Ladies and Gentlemen:
You are cordially invited to a Northwest Community meeting on Disaster preparedness on May 5th 6:30 to 8:30 pm.
We will be gathering and have light refreshments at 6:30 pm, program at 7 pm. at Switzerland PointeMiddle School. Please come and bring friends and neighbors.

St. Johns County Emergency Center Team will review what happens in a storm event and what you need to do ahead of time to prepare your family for unexpected events. Receive the latest information about how storms will be rated-and how to get information about your home and community from the latest topographical study.

Families and communities have a critical role in the county's ability to deal with the unexpected. There is only one way to succeed and that is being prepared. You will receive an invitation with program description and directions this week. As many of you who were able to come to the EOC meeting, this is the latest information available. I highly recommend this to you and your neighbors. Even as a lifetime Floridians can expect to learn something that will make their home and their community a little safer.

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