As residents of 210 West, we strive to better our quality of life
through voluntary community involvement.
The focus of this organization will be to promote ways that will enhance our
community culturally, aesthetically, and socially for the betterment of our citizens.

The 210 C.A. consists of residents from CR 210 west who are from different professional areas; entrepeneurs, designers, administrators and managers coming together with enthusiasm and a desire to help bring about positive changes that unite our community and make us all proud of where we live!

The Board of Directors and other 210 C.A. volunteers are just the beginning foundation of what an alliance could mean to our community. There are so many dedicated and hardworking people in each of the many neighborhoods along 210 but please consider the role that you could have in enhancing and strengthening the entire 210 area. Many benefits await us if we consider 210 a community, not an I-95 exit.
All residents of CR 210 West are encouraged to become involved in our group. Without volunteer efforts, the 210 Community Alliance would not be possible.
We have many projects that you can become involved in, such as:
  • Community Market
  • Overlay Design Plan for Future Development
  • Landscaping 210
  • Cultural Events
  • And much more!
If you have a passion for shaping the future of CR 210 West, please email us or come to one of our meetings and join in our efforts.
We meet the second Thursday of each month. Just click on the calendar on the home page and the details of time and location will appear. Please understand that we are not a political group and our focus will always be on POSITIVE ways that we can make changes that will enhance our quality of life as residents of 210.
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