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A grassroots group comprised of parents, community members, and educators has emerged. It began with a core group of seven or eight Ponte Vedra and Fruit Cove parents who have become increasingly concerned about the level of funding for education in Florida. When the US Census Bureau revealed that Florida is 50th out of 50 states and the District of Columbia in per capita spending on education, the focus and mission of the group was birthed.

In six weeks' time, the group has grown from 8 to 50 or more. If you would be interested in joining, the work of the group to raise awareness of the current state and to advocate for change, if you would like more information or want to be on the e-mail list, please contact Colleen Wood.  You can also visit the website at www.50thNoMore.org. Together, we really CAN make a difference!


September 25th, 2012

Congratulations - You Did It! All 3 charter schools have withdrawn their applications to open in St. Johns County.  Somerset Charters / Academica Management Company and Kid's Community College Charter have withdrawn their applications to open charter schools in St. Johns County for next year.

Your letters, emails, phone calls and plans to wear red to the school board meeting tonight made a difference.  You said loud and clear that our students and public schools are not for sale.  Enjoy this victory for our students, enjoy a few free hours tonight since you don't have to make the drive to the school board meeting, but please know that this isn't over.

Somerset Charters say they'll be back next year.   The threat to our students, their choice of classes, and their educational future is still real.

We will continue our work to protect public education.  Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and consider making a donation today through our site 50thNoMore.org. 

Together we are standing tall for our students and our public schools.

September 23rd, 2012

The St. Johns County School Board will be voting on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 @ 6p.m. at the School Board Auditorium, 40 Orange Street, St. Augustine on whether or not to allow 3 charter schools to open.  The applicants have been less than cooperative with district requests for information to answer the question - what will you offer that SJC public schools don't already offer? 

What they will do is drain $12.8 million from our budget which will limit the number of courses our students are offered next year.  Their insistence on offering a "choice" for which they have demonstrated no need will hurt your choice to support public education.

So, what can you do?

Find out more about the charter schools by visiting 50thNoMore.org
Email the entire school board and ask them to vote NO on the 3 charter school applications
Come to the meeting, bring a friend and Wear RED for ED!
It's that simple - your chance to let your locally elected school board know what you want for our children.


The information about 50th No More does not reflect the opinions of the 210 alliance or Neighborhood Publications.  For more information about 50th No More, please visit their website at www.50thNoMore.org.


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